Baptist Tradition In Europe

The practice of Baptism Tradition started many years ago. The sole meaning of this tradition is to be loyal and faithfully obedient under the Christ. It is for the Christian community and they need to act as the commands given by Lord Christ.

The BAPTISTS is the acrostic acronym of a bigger word taken from different parts of the bible. It includes an authority of the Bible, liberty of the individual soul, Separation of church from the state and many more. They are not bounded within a church but are distributed among different churches with no central governing body. They believe in only one God, virgin birth and things like miracles. The awakening of this tradition was widely done during the 18th century where many people started following it.

However, things are changing in the reverse way. People in Europe no longer want to be baptized any more. The outbreak started when a 71 year old Frenchman wrote a letter and wants get de-baptized. He told that everybody should have their own choice of choosing a religion. The things are not clear yet but if he gets de-baptized, there will be soon a large portion of the population may start walking along the same track.

Another case includes where around 180,000 German Catholics want to split from the Church in the year of 2011. One reason is obvious but other reason that came up is that they don’t want to pay tax to the churches. With such incidents, many countries in Europe have started making a movement threatening the tradition of baptism. The government has also played a role in making a law that infants can no more be baptized which otherwise will be treated as a crime. The movement of de-baptism is taking a major form in countries of Belgium, Germany etc and church authorities are really worried about it.